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Browse Natural Maths Products...

Hundred ipad

100 Square for iPad

Unlike other interactive 100 squares, this one instantly finds odd and even numbers, multiples, numbers greater than, less than, and prime numbers. This makes it the most versatile 100 square of its kind. The 100 Square is one of Natural Maths' most popular IWB programs, finally available on iPad...

  • Subtraction Mat 1
    Subtraction Mat 1

    At Natural Maths its our belief that students should have tools to support their learning right where they need them - on their desk.

  • Subtraction Mat 2
    Subtraction Mat 2

    At Natural Maths its our belief that students should have tools to support their learning right where they need them - on their desk.

  • The Card Game
    The Card Game

    The Card Game transitions students from using a table of values to linear equations painlessly. The card game has been used successfully from grade six to grade ten.

  • POWER UP Posters
    POWER UP Posters

    Looking to develop a positive mindset towards mathematics? Then use the POWER UP Posters as student prompts.

  • Star Posters
    Star Posters

    Schools have commented that there are proven NAPLAN improvements when they have used the STAR model for problem solving. This poster set is an essential classroom addition.