Hundred ipad

100 Square for iPad

Unlike other interactive 100 squares, this one instantly finds odd and even numbers, multiples, numbers greater than, less than, and prime numbers. This makes it the most versatile 100 square of its kind. The 100 Square is one of Natural Maths' most popular IWB programs, finally available on iPad...

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  • Mental Routines Sample
    Mental Routines Sample

    A sample of the first module. Mental Routines is a new kind of professional development from Natural Maths. Now there’s a way to learn all about Mental Routines in a flexible online learning environment, with Ann right by your side!

  • Fraction Mat
    Fraction Mat

    At Natural Maths its our belief that students should have tools to support their learning right where they need them - on their desk.

  • Assessment Ninja
    Assessment Ninja

    Learn about Formative Assessment theory and practice with a global community of educators. Help drive student achievement, engagement and interest in teaching and learning, and become a master of Formative Assessment with Assessment Ninja.

  • Problem Solving at Level 4
    Problem Solving at Level 4

    The proven Natural Maths STAR model is used as the structure for these problem solving books matched to the Australian Curriculum.

  • No Worksheet Required - Salad Plates
    No Worksheet Required - Salad Plates

    Using a chef's dilemma as a starting point, students can develop their number sense with this problematized situation lesson plan that covers a wide range of mathematical topics and can be adapted for students from Foundation to Year 3.