Linear Measurement 1

There are some small tweaks teachers can make to their developmental teaching of measurement, that have major impact. Learn about the importance of having a starting and finishing line and filling a space in Linear Measurement 1.


About Linear Measurement 1:

A careful study of NAPLAN outcomes suggests that many students fall down on the measurement questions. When we looked into the issues that might be causing this consistent failure, we saw that there are certain features of measuring length that may well not be getting the attention that they need.

Book 1 introduces measurement concepts and covers the standard measurement language such as tall, taller, tallest. The activities focus on measuring everyday classroom objects using informal units such paddlepop sticks or paperclips. The dinosaurs that feature on the cover make their appearance on a slide sequence as well as on a printable pdf file. And there is a special 3 Snakes app that supports and extends one of popular the activities in the book and this has now been made into an app.

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